Sunday, May 07, 2006

Casablanca French Institutes commemorates Moroccan goumiers

The Casablanca-based French Institute (IFC) will screen on May 11 a series of documentaries, commemorating the bravery of Moroccan goumiers.

For this occasion, a Yann Barte's film entitled “Oulad l'Viet Nam”, and co-produced by Ali'N Prod and ONA Foundation will be screened.

The film tells the story of Moroccan former soldiers in the French army, who went to Viet Nam after the exile of late Mohammed V. The former soldiers narrate their memories and their actual life after their return to Morocco with their children and Vietnamese wives.

The programme schedules the screening of “Mechti, the last fight”, a documentary co-produced by Grand Angle, France 3 and the Moroccan channel 2M.

The documentary pictures the story of Mohammed Mechti, 85, and his enlistment at the age of 18 by the French to create the first goumiers of the French liberation at the 2nd World War. The production sheds the light on the glorious but also painful moments that are now all his life.

Another entitled “General, nous voila!” (General, here we are!), directed by Ali Essafi and produced by IO Production et Images Plus, will also be programmed.


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