Thursday, May 04, 2006

Non-schooling, early drop out cost Morocco 1% of GDP

Non-schooling and early drop out cost Morocco 1% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), revealed a study published by the Moroccan Secretariat of State in charge of literacy and informal education.

Carried out in conjunction with the UNICEF, the document pointed out that "every extra primary school year is likely to increase one's salary by 12.7% compared to 10.4% for a secondary school year."

Recalling that the early drop out rate, estimated between 5 and 6%, hinders the schooling efforts, the study stresses that poverty is the decisive factor in school drop out decisions.

Estimated at 25% of Moroccans' minimum salary, the document notes that education costs may be disincentive for poor families though they are limited to the school year entry.

To make up for this situation, the report calls for revising the institutional, judicial and regulatory framework of informal education and improving coordination between public powers and rationalize the participation of civil society in this field.

It also urges for an incitation system for poor schooled children, in addition to a pedagogical, material and human system that would provide these children with educational support and favor their personal and socio-cultural development.


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