Monday, December 12, 2005

Bribery in Morocco a cause for concern

Bribery in Morocco has caused a major concern after the country ranked 78th this year from its earlier listing of 45 in 1999, according to an anti-bribery international organisation.

Eiz Eldin Aqasbi, secretary-general of Transparency International, Morocco branch, said on the sidelines of an international symposium held in Rabat as part of the second international day for combating bribery that “we, as an organisation, registered a critical situation of the phenomenon of bribery in Morocco, as the menace was showing a continuous drop worldwide, but Morocco moved from place No. 45 in 1999 to 78 in 2005.”

Aqasbi attributed the fall to the avoidance of punishment, non-independence of the judiciary and no enforcement of a clear strategy to combat the menace of bribery.

The branch of Transparency International in Morocco called for reforming the judiciary as well as taking strict measures in the field of control by activating the establishments entrusted with control, and awareness among the public on the risk of the phenomenon.


Anonymous MoRocco said...

It wont be so easy to change this as it has already became the part of the culture.. people are used to have things done this way! i dont expect any radical changes anytime soon.. :(

12:35 PM, May 21, 2007  

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