Monday, December 12, 2005

Over US$ 2.5Mn raised to fight Aids in Morocco

Close to MAD 20.5 million, more than US$ 2.5 million, were raised on Friday during the "Sidaction 2005" hosted by the 2M TV channel part of the December 2-16 campaign to fight AIDS and help people affected by the disease.

The « Association de lutte contre le Sida » (ALCS), that sponsored the fund-raising show held under the Patronage of King Mohammed VI, said the figure could be revised up and contributions were made by associations and individuals, as well.

The funds will go for taking charge of the people living with the HIV virus, preventing the spread of the pandemic, as well as to conducting awareness promotion campaigns and fighting the stigma attached to the disease and HIV screening.


Blogger hale said...

AIDS is probably the worst danger now facing all of mankind, spread either through unprotected sex or throu sharing needles - usually by drug users. It is a pity that AIDS is so easily spread through sex, since the urge for sex is so strong! Same for those addicted to drugs.

Probably the best tactic is to EDUCATE peole to keep from transmitting AIDS. Some people advocate giving addicts free needles, and others say it will just encourage them -- but it might slow down the spread of the disease.

Let's hope Morocco can do something effective before AIDS epidemic gets ahead of public hea;lth officials. You only have to look at some sub-Saharan countries to see the effects of an epidemic out of control


11:14 PM, December 13, 2005  
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