Saturday, January 08, 2005

Iraq is paying a heavy price

There is so much talk about American casualties in Iraq. About western hostages, whether from coalition countries or from countries that opposed the war. But nobody ever talks about Iraqi casualties.

How many died during the war. How many died after the war because of the fighting that took place and are still taking place. How many died because of the poor conditions the Iraqi health system is suffering from. How many died or got ill because of the lack of running water in so many areas of the country. Also, the ten of thousands that are still dying because of the consequences of the 12 year embargo, the most cruel and shameful act of modern times, or because of the pollution, mainly for depleted uranium ammunition used in the 1991 and the 2003 wars.

I just wanted to remind everybody of these silent victims. They are the ones paying the heavy price. And they have been doing so for the last decade or more. I hope they will get the attention of the world one day, and that they will be allowed to live in dignity again as every human being deserves.


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