Monday, December 27, 2004

Palestinian Elections

This Week End two events concerning palestinian elections. First, results for the partial municipal elections. Out of 26 municipal councils, 16 went to Fatah, 9 to Hamas and one is tied. Hamas said it was ready to a power sharing with Fatah. This can be considered a very good score for Hamas knowing that the disputed councils were all supposed to be Fatah strongholds in the West Bank. The idea was to give Abu Mazen momentum just before the start of the presidential election campaign. The real strength of Hamas will be revealed once elections are held in the Gaza strip in early 2005.

The second event of this week end was the start of the palestinian authority preseidential election campaign. Mustapha Barghouti the only serious challenger to Abu Mazen, was the first to kick start his campaign. In a campaign rally speech he accused Abu Mazen of trying to control the palestinian people, instead of feeling their pain and defending their legitimate rights.

According to the latest opinion polls Abu Mazen leads Mustapha Barghouti 43% to 18%. The rest of the candidates are all in the one digit pecentage points.

Here is a an article about Barghouti election rally speech.

Abbas' rival strikes confident note
Khalid Amayreh, Al Jazeera, 25 December 2004

The independent Palestinian presidential contestant, Mustafa al-Barghuthi, has said he can beat the front-runner, official Fatah candidate Mahmud Abbas, in the 9 January election.

Speaking during an election rally in the town of Dura, 45km southwest of Jerusalem, on Friday, Al-Barghuthi said Palestinians shouldn't trust "biased and tendentious polls", an allusion to recent opinion surveys which gave Abbas a substantial lead over al-Barghuthi and other candidates.

"The results of the municipal elections prove that all the opinion polls we had seen were false. So don't trust these polls," he said. "Instead I urge you to work with me to create a new leadership that will feel and identify with the pain of our people, not the pain of others." ...


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