Thursday, December 30, 2004

Helping the Tsunami Victims.

The catastrophic tsunami that hit south east asia is of unprecedented magnitude. The human cost is also of great magnitude. For people willing to help I am posting this contact info:

Trauma, hunger plague survivors
Starvation appears imminent for thousands of tsunami survivors sheltered in tents across Aceh, who are still waiting for humanitarian assistance that has trickled in far too slowly since Sunday's nightmare began.

Although a large number of local and international aid groups have already arrived in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, the absence of trucks and an insufficient fuel supply to transport the goods and volunteers has apparently been the reason that aid cannot efficiently reach the scattered refugee camps.

Help Aceh
Aceh bre the hardest brunt of the Tsunami.
The ethnic strife torn area with poor infrastructure needs as much help as we can give.

Where to send donations for tsunami victims

Dompet Dhuafa Republika
128 000 4397 839 Bank Mandiri Ciputat branch
676 030194 7 BCA Ciputat Mega Mall
004 002 990 7 Bank Syariah Mandiri

Dompet Kemanusiaan Media Indonesia
309 300 7979 BCA Kedoya Baru

Kotak Pundi Amal SCTV
084 266 2000 BCA Wisma Asia

Kompas Media Nusantara
001 007 55555 1001 BNI Jakarta Kota 012 301 6600 BCA Gajah Mada

Hard Rock Radio
219 301 1144 BCA Radio Dalam

2-072-267-196 BII Proklamasi

PMI Jakarta chapter
746-30-05218-4 Bank Lippo Slipi

No help for thousands homeless in Sri Lankan rebel-held area
Isolated at the end of a badly rutted road, this area controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels has had nearly no aid for 20,000 people left homeless by tsunamis that devastated Sri Lanka.

Agency Focal Points- Sri Lanka
The following agencies have focal points who are conducting assessments in Sri Lanka and are providing assistance as listed.

FAO +94 11 2580798/2588537/2508998
IBRD +94 11 2448070/2448071/2432282
ILO +94 11 2592525/2500539
IOM +94 11 5361941-4/2581673
UNDP +94 11 2580691-7
UNFPA +94 11 2580840
UNHCR +94 11 2683968-70
UNICEF +94 11 2555270
WFP +94 11 2586244
WHO +94 11 2502319/2502842