Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More than 400 Islamist detainees end strike

More than 400 Islamist detainees have ended a hunger strike that for some lasted more than a month, when authorities agreed to negotiate on their prison conditions, an association backing them announced.

The strike came to an end after delegates from the government’s Consultative Council on Human Rights visited one prison at Sale on Friday and agreed to submit their grievances to the administration, said the head of the Ennassir support group, Abderrahim Mohtade.

About 200 detainees at Sale, near the capital Rabat, began the hunger strike on September 25 to protest at "bad treatment" by the prison director.

By October 190 Islamists held in 10 other prisons had joined their action.

In the Sale prison itself, the prisoners have asked to be held together in the same wing, and other demands include the right to visits and the "opening of an enquiry into the bad treatment" to which they say they have been subjected, Mohtade said.


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