Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TGVs to Marrakech

French engineering consultancy Systra announced that its Moroccan subsidiary had been awarded a contract by ONCF to develop plans for a dedicated passenger line between Settat and Marrakech.

Systra Morocco will be working with local consultants CID, Team Maroc and APTE on the 18-month study, which follows on from a feasibility study for the Casablanca - Marrakech high speed line completed in 2006. The multi-disciplinary team will draw up detailed designs and prepare tender documents for construction of 170 km of double track.

The new line is intended to relieve growing capacity problems on the existing single-track route, which is used by both freight and passenger trains. Connecting with the existing 40 km double-track section between Casablanca and Settat, the new dedicated passenger route would serve intermediate stations at Settat TGV and Benguerir TGV.

The new alignment is being designed for 350 km/h operation, but ONCF initially expects to run at a maximum of 300 km/h. This would cut the Casablanca - Marrakech journey time from 3 h 24 min to 1 h 16 min.


Anonymous Marrakech property said...

Good new, I'm glad that now it will be easier to get to Marrakech. A lot of people would like to visit this beautiful city. The city is known as the Red City after the magnificent red fortifications that surround it. Marrakech has an exotic traditional atmosphere and is home to the largest square in Africa, namely the “Djemaa al Fna” which comes alive during the day with acrobats, water sellers, dancers and musicians and by night becomes a huge outdoor restaurant, with numerous food stalls selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

8:54 AM, October 26, 2007  

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