Sunday, November 05, 2006

Morocco aims to triple IT and telecoms growth

Morocco aims to triple telecoms and information technology sector growth to 18 per cent per year through a program of state support, subsidies and training, the head of the industry group told Reuters.

"The goals of this plan for the 2006 to 2012 period are ambitious but realistic," Jamal Benhamou, chief executive of Morocco's Federation for Information Technology, Telecoms and Offshoring, said in an interview late on Thursday.

"Average growth of the sector will rise to 18 per cent per year from an average of 6 per cent in the past three years," added Benhamou, whose federation is part of the country's employers umbrella body CGEM.

He said the plan, officially known as Progress Contract for 2006-2012, entitles the country's 50,000 communication, information and telecoms enterprises to state subsidies and incentives worth 1.5 billion Moroccan dirhams ($173 million) for 2006- 2008.

The sector's turnover is expected to expand to 60 billion dirhams in 2012 from a projected 30 billion in 2006, he said.

The sector is dominated by telecoms in terms of revenue and jobs, following liberalization in 2004 when state monopoly Maroc Telecom was privatised.

Maroc Telecom, now controlled by French group Vivendi, competes with Meditel, a joint venture between Spain's Telefonica and Portugal Telecom, and Maroc Connect, the telecoms arm of Morocco's largest private conglomerate ONA.


Blogger Rasheeda said...

I also heard about Maroc Telecom, the main telecommunication company in Morocco. In July 2006 Maroc Telecom signed with the French telecommunications equipment company Alcatel a contract for a submarine cable network connection between Morocco and France. Morocco Telecom's aim is to upgrade the capacity of its services (i.e.broadband services, call centers...). The project cost € 26 million and was named "Atlas Offshore". In December 2006, IAM invested in Burkina Faso’s ONATEL acquiring 51% of its capital. Such huge investments help to make reforms in Morocco economic system, to stabilize social life and to attract new investments especially in Morocco property market. Also in order to manage the industry Morocco decided to create a new entity called ONPT (Office National des Postes et Télécommunications).

2:07 PM, February 05, 2008  

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