Saturday, June 17, 2006

Third Trans-Sahara festival in Morocco

The 3rd Trans-Sahara film festival will raise curtains on June 21 in the southern city of Zagora.

The four day festival which will last till June 24 is not a competition event, but offers a bouquet of international movies that revolve around the theme of Sahara.

Local movie-goers can savor open-air screenings of movies from various countries, notably india`s "Paheli", China`s "Sky and Earth Warriors", Morocco`s "La Symphonie Marocaine" (Moroccan Symphony) or the USA`s "Sahara".

The festival will organize a conference, on June 23, themed "Cinema between the East and Orientalism" and hold training workshops to initiate the region youth to the various cinema industry techniques. This edition will pay tribute to the Moroccan movie-maker, Saad Chraibi for his commendable efforts to promote Moroccan Cinema.


Anonymous Morocco Property said...

Hi Saad!
Thanks for this useful information.
People are really interested in Morocco, that is why so many movies are shot in this country by foreign producers.Movies are usually shot in a desert and this is unusual and at the same time spectacular for audience.

2:39 PM, November 05, 2007  

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