Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tiny skull authenticated as human in Morocco

Scientists have authenticated the tiny skull discovered last July by a young amateur palaeontologist close to the town of Erfoud (South East) in a site known for its Orthoceras and Goniatite fossils.

Dr Alaoui Abdelkader, radiologist and Director of Moulay Ali Cherif Hospital, affirmed that the skull is authentic in regards to the results of the x-ray scanning performed.

The apple sized skull was discovered in a Devonian site. This fact gives an idea of its age, which could date back to 3.6 million years.

Dr Alaoui said that the results are fascinating and that he was very surprised because of the skull's biologic plasticity. He affirmed that the scanner findings on the density of the skull conform to bone density values.

He said that the skull could still hold surprises, referring to possible brain fossilization. The scanner results, revealing a particular shape and a very weak density, could reveal a fossilized brain instead of a natural matter mould.

Mohamed Zarouit said, when announcing his discovery, that the characteristics of the fossilized skull show that it is of the Homo kind.

Engineer Eddahby Lhou, researcher in applied geology, said that a strategic and topographic study of the site; in addition to a detailed survey of the fauna, which used to live around, will be announced shortly.

Eddahby, also a member of the Applied Geology Research Group (GRGA) in Errachidia School of Technical Science, insisted on the need of linking the skull study with the ongoing excavations in Sijilmassa, 20 km of Erfoud


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That is an amazing discovery.

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